The city of Paris, France, is known for its many architectural and aesthetic marvels and its many historical squares and plazas.

But perhaps none is so central than the Place de la Concorde, formed by the mouth of the famous Champs-Élysées, the building of the French Naval Ministry, the Tuileries Garden, and the River Seine.

At 21.63 acres, the Place de la Concorde is the largest square in the French Capitol.

Place de la Concorde’s history is certainly illustrious, as it housed the guillotine during the French Revolution, where King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette met their demise.  

From executions to celebrations, the plaza has become an integral part of daily French life over the centuries.

In the middle of the Concorde sits the striking Obelisk of Luxor, an amazing over-sized gift from Egypt in 1833 to the French King Louis-Phillipe.  

Engineer Jean Baptiste Apollinaire LeBas was commissioned the challenging task of building a custom barge and using a steamer to  transport the 280-ton, 75-foot priceless obelisk from Alexandria to Paris.


Today the Obelisk of Luxor stands in the Place de la Concorde just as tall and erect as it did almost 3000 years ago.

Principals Joe and William LeBas have named our firm Concorde Group Holdings to symbolize their ancestor’s vision and planning and to represent our firm’s goal of revitalizing great assets in great locations.


Joseph C. lebas

President, Managing Director and Founder of Concorde Group Holdings LLC, a career entrepreneur and technology executive with superior results in market creation and profitable growth. In addition to CRE, technology companies Joe has built have been acquired by HP, IBM, NASDAQ and ICE/NYSE.

antonio santos

Founding partner of  Pietrantoni Mendez & Alvarez, LLC, specializing in project development, finance, real estate and secured commercial transactions,  representing real estate developers and lenders in development, sale, acquisition and finance of real estate projects. Serves as Counsel for Puerto Rico projects.

james J. wheeler, PA

Managing partner of the Boca Raton office of Nelson Mullins Broad and Cassel - focusing on real estate development, real estate lending and related transactions for more than 30 years, including commercial real estate development, acquisitions and financings. Serves as Counsel for mainland US projects.

william d. lebas

Senior Director for Concorde Group Holdings LLC, has 15 years in management of large metro-market franchise restaurants, including start-up experience in building site and construction operations, as well as marketing and sales.





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